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Mary Ann Casale is an eclectic singer-songwriter who always delivers a true, honest, performance. Her voice is rich, pure and refreshingly melodic – her guitar playing, a deft finger picking style reminiscent of one of her early and most revered influences, the Reverend Gary Davis.  Mary Ann’s music ranges from sultry jazz blues to country blues, with tinges of rootsy folk and Americana– but foremost always soulful.

Born on Long Island, Mary Ann started playing music at a very young age. She acquired a taste for jazz and blues from her uncle Sam Scaffidi, a musician and composer well known to the New York City music scene as Scuff Rosario.  He introduced Mary Ann to the guitar and brought her to see several of the blues greats who came to play the city’s clubs in the 60’s and 70’s.

Mary Ann eventually began playing the college coffeehouse scene as a singer-songwriter and also performing as a vocalist in a number of small bands. During her late teens and early 20’s she busked her way across the country, mostly playing in bus stations and outside restaurants.  Mary Ann then traded in her vagabond lifestyle for college, marriage and motherhood. But, after a twenty-five year hiatus, life took another turn and she shook off the dust from her now vintage Gibson acoustic. Mary Ann started writing and performing again, sharing the stage with talented musicians in her locale in northern New York State where she resides today. In 2014 she released an all-acoustic album, Running Out of Time – aptly titled given her long absence from writing and performing.  In 2016 Mary Ann followed with Restless Heart, a full band effort produced by Tas Cru and featuring several musicians from his touring band.

Since stepping back on stage, she has played in a number of concert venues in her home region and beyond.  Besides performing solo, Mary Ann regularly performs in an acoustic duo with Tas Cru and on occasion joins his Band of Tortured Souls for bigger tours and festival shows.   She can be heard on Cru’s last two albums and will be featured on his upcoming 2018 release for which she has penned two songs including the title track, Memphis Song.

With the release of Memphis Song, she has much success with both the title song and Heal my Soul which enjoyed a top ten spot on the Roots Music Charts in both the Blues Singles and Contemporary Categories. Many festivals and much travel have defined 2018. She is spending a good portion of her time writing new music to be later recorded.     

Aug. 2018


Restless Heart

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